We all admire the beautifully dressed, perfectly styled TV presenters, models, and celebrities that grace our screens and the covers of magazines.

We all want to look as perfectly put together as those celebrities, but for most of us, having a personal stylist on call is not an option.

Now you too can look fabulous everyday with your own virtual personal stylist at the click of a button.

My Private Stylist is an award winning, and internationally acclaimed web based style program that will help you select the right garment every time. It is a quick reference that is available to you on your computer or mobile device 24/7, and it is an invaluable tool to assist you with your style choices and shopping.

My Private Stylist was developed by Ann Reinten AICI CIP, the founder, CEO and visionary of Image Innovators (Pty) Ltd, a company represented in 27 countries. Ann is a Certified Image Professional (CIP) with the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) and is recognised internationally as a leader in the field of image education and product development.

My Private Stylist is customisable to your specific horizontal and vertical body shape, face shape, bone structure and age. It will help you to shop smarter and faster, and with the customised guidelines provided to you by the program, you will save a fortune over time by not buying unnecessary or unsuitable items. It is an investment well worth it.

Setting up, and customising your My Private Stylist profile is included in my fee when you book a personal style consultation, but you do not have to come and see me personally to be able to enjoy the benefits of the program, as it is also available to purchase online, and really easy to set up yourself.

It is not only for ladies either! Gentlemen can enjoy the same benefits with the Men of Style program.

My Private Stylist retails online for AUS $100, but if you purchase it through me, you qualify for a 15% discount on the purchase price with the voucher code “FABSTYLE15”

Invest in yourself. Get your program today through the links below: